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Most Recent Achievement - Launch of DinerDash on Facebook!

Prama ti PlayFirst Inc. announced the launch of DinerDash on Facebook, on Jan 25th 2011. The game is the flagship IP of PlayFirst; its the time-management game in which Flo, the waitress/entrepreneur, serves tables and earns money to fight back Mr. Bigs corporation. This casual game can keep you engaged for hours. The game has been developed on top of the SDK I designed and built. The game was taken off of Facebook in July 2011 for technical reasons.

I have over 10 years of experience in software design and development, leading software teams and designing software solutions to architectural, business and technological problems in various domains. I have been practicing the Extreme Programming methodologies (XP) with the test driven development. I am well versed with the Design Patterns commonly used to solve design problems and I possess strong technical skills in Java/J2EE, XML, Databases, Spring Framework, Metadata driven Visualization Techniques, Flex and AJAX. I am proud to have associated with some of the prestigious companies as clients; I have developed products that were used by MOTOROLA and GE.

I enjoy solving problems that are unique, challenging and provide me with the opportunity to use my creative ability as much as my engineering skills to solve them. I like developing generic solutions in the form of frameworks, libraries or tools that can be used by other developers and users to make their lives easier. I have cherished my role as Team Lead at various occasions, because it allowed me to share my experience and the common pitfalls in software development with the junior engineers. Also, I like to build software that has as much commercial value as intellectual property value.

Check out my linked in profile for more detailed professional history,he link to my LinkedIn profile is on the right hand panel of this page.


Supply Chain Profile (Amitive Inc.)

Supply Profile was part of a framework developed for the Cloud-Based Supply Chain Application platform that offered a metadata-driven application development framework. The goal of this application was to implement a generic pluggable framework for Synchronization Engine, Forecasting Engine, Recommendation Engine and a Drill-Down data view that offered temporal analysis of the state of Supply Chain derived from live as well as historical data.

The following video(no-audio) demonstrates the workflow of monitoring the state of Supply Chain across various facilities, over varying periods of time and for a various products handled by the Supply Chain.

View in bigger size here.

Custom Orthotix (Orthera)

Orthera is an Orthotics company specializing in customized orthotics. This application was deployed on kiosk points of sale at major whole-sale stores. The goal of this application was to allow users to order orthotics based on recommendations generated from feet scans that were captured and analyzed for pressure sensistivity and other medical conditions entered by the user in the wizard. The following video shows the camera without the feed from the scanner as the scanner was unavailable at the time of creating this demo.

View in bigger size here.