…or we will cross the border!

That is the threat the Kashmiri Separatist Leaders (as media puts them, I wonder whether this effort of sugar coating the way the ex-terrorists are being addressed is an attempt to be politically correct or they fear that the minorities will stop watching their channel, or worse yet, because they are being threatened for their lives) are carrying now. They are all of a sudden worried about the economic disruption of Kashmir and the financial deprivation the current bandh is allegedly causing to the Fruit growers of Kashmir. So, what they propose to do is walk through Muzaffrabad, into the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), crossing the Line of Control (LoC) to sell the fruits. LOL!!!

What is that supposed to mean? The first thing that comes to the minds of these bloody militants is that they will take their commerce to Pakistan. Well they are the “Separatist Leaders” and since they make the peasants of Kashmir believe that they can expect a warm welcome and that their fruits are going to feed the inhabitants of the most sacred land of muslims, they are doing the right thing. However, our government that should have been infuriated by this anti-national sentiments being flaunted by these ex-militants and their senseless herds, have actually taken to an appeasement policy. Union Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil announced vociferously and repititvely, that Govt. of India will buy all the fruit from these growers in order to show how much they are cared for and wanted in our country.

I couldn’t but laugh on hearing this. What are we? A bloody Eunuchs’ Republic of India???

Imagine the growling tummies of Pakis who are yet to know it means to eat a home grown fruit. A produce that is not imported at exhorbitant prices, but bought at the local rates. And luckily for them our thankless citizens of Kashmir the peasants who take the subsidies from Eunuchs’ Republic of India, and dream about Pakistan like a ten year old with starry eyed dreams about a heaven that is on the other side of the fence, are willing to oblige over their own graves.

What are we doing, I wonder, as the citizens of this country, that will sooner than later nothing more than the backyard of a Terrorist Republic of Pakistan?

This is where they dump their waste (in the waters of India), experiment with the IEDs (blasts in different cities in different ways), pump the fake currency bills (that we carry in our pockets believing it was our hard earned money), come for gaining celebrity status (in reality shows, movies and music albums) and rubbish us in the game of cricket. I am sure, if you are Paki reading this post, you must be bloating with pride. Don’t forget to write a thank you note to Uncle Manmohan. By the way, your Mush has done more for you being a dictator than Dr. Manmohan Singh will do in his lifetime for anyone, including himself (with the exception of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.) Here is the latest from their intimate relationship.

By the way if you are an Indian reading this post, it is time to wake up and grab hold of the reality. This is not what we work our goddamn asses off for, fueling the economy of a country run by senseless egotists and spineless politicians who have no grip on reality be it in their personal lives or public.

We can’t allow anyone to take our Govt. to ransom for such petty issues. What the likes of these Yasin Malliks and Mirwaiz Umar Farooqs are doing. They are not who decide the future of this country or Kashmir. Please wake up now and help others in your vicinity to wake up too. Time is running out…

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One thought on “…or we will cross the border!

  1. Indian politicians have always taken to the muslim appeasement policy. Kashmiri Muslims have used this to thier advantage for last sixty years now. How else can one explain that butchers of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus are not even questioned for their barbarianism. Nobody asks them why they changed the demography of the valley by throwing out more than 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus!!!!

    They have the audacity to call the victims as communals while the guilty are posing as leaders and policy makers.

    They know they can get away with all this. They know Indian Govt will appease them. That is why this will continue time and again. We need to show some spine. We need to throw away article 370 and get Kashmir to have the same status as rest of our states. We need to rein in these spoilt brats. Otherwise, they are free to go to hell (read Pakistan) and never dare to come back!!!!

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