Kashmiri Pandit Youth – Roots In Kashmir

It was the first time I dared to stand in front of State Head’s office and express my disgust towards the corrupt political system that has grown from strength to strength in last so many decades.

Kashmir, my homeland, an integral part of Indian that could never be, has been burning for us Kashmiri Pandits, for last two decades. All of those who fled were better of in their professional lives but lost all the sense of belonging with the place they originate from.

Corrupt politics and irresponsible citizens are both responsible for the status quo in Kashmir. RIK, an initiative by Kashmir Pandits, especially the youth, has been growing in its effort and influence since its inception in year 2006. I proclaimed allegiance to it almost instantly when I heard of it but joined the efforts a few months later, in December 2006, by holding a silent protest at Indira Park, Hyderabad, the officially designate place for any protests by citizens.

On 20th of June, 2008, we came together to express our solidarity with Wandhama Massacre victims who have not received justice even after ten years. Here are some of the snapshots from the local newspapers that cared to give us some print real-estate.

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