The Big Meta!

We are missing the big meta! That our life is just one large experiment of nature, amongst so many others. Metamorphosis of all ideas into a few handful of basic ideas when explored deeply clearly conveys the fact that life is governed by a few basic first principles and we simply assume more to it than there usually is. That’s where philosophy can open the eyes, but not many of us even let it to.

We are so tied up in definitions that we aren’t even aware of the real experiences and meaningful interactions with the world around us. Everything is right and everything is wrong. Depends on how you look at it. Call it context, lens or filter, whatever makes sense. Human grasp is very small and it conveniently adapts to the need of the hour, day, week, year, generation, millennium or age! Simply because it can expand to embrace everything there is. Human ambition is the most vain concept that has ever existed. When looked at from an astronomical scale it amounts to nothing. Our complaints are pathetic and fleeting. Our desires are frivolous and fickle. We don’t even like something that we thought we couldn’t live without as soon as we get it or get to it.

I think; therefore I am being so obnoxious and love creating artificial problems for myself.

No amount of activism, social awareness or empathy will cure Hunger, Senseless Violence, Environmental Deterioration or even the eventual annihilation of our planet, when the Sun explodes. Yet, all we do is make noise about everything. That’s human nature. And we should be fine with it. Yet, I am disturbed by how little attention we pay to our lives.

I have a nagging feeling that we are simply ignoring the sensory input we receive. That’s because our focus is on deriving instant pleasure, in whatever we do. This feeling drives me nuts. Life shouldn’t only be about efficiency and execution, but also about appreciation of, what makes it necessary, what makes it possible and what might make it irrelevant soon.

I am in search of meaning…and it has taken me a long way. I am going to have to camp somewhere for now, but soon enough I must resume.

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