To Have And To Hold

Dusk is consuming the space around,
Silence heard and not a sound,
In the trees, in the grass, and in the sky,
The last signs of life, lie.

Outlines take a stronger define,
Just the silhouettes,and the lines.
Trails of a day, oblivious movements,
Rest, Contemplation and Reassurance.

Waiting eyes, a peaceful smile,
Restless glance spans the miles.
No promises, no expectations,
Just faith and determination.

She holds the light to my arrival,
And I pray for my survival.
Just to be with her one last time,
Hold her close to me, she’s mine.

A need, she doesn’t deny,
Yet doesn’t crave for my,
Embrace, that would mean I am there,
And says “As long as I am in her heart,
She doesn’t care.”

Touch of her skin I do crave,
But there isn’t much you can do,
From the grave.
I wish, I was there.

2 thoughts on “To Have And To Hold

  1. Dear Rishik the words you have used are so flowery,but I am feeling on cloud number 9 the reason is very simple as you have written this poem from the bottom of your heart so I am wishing you All the very best and I want you to be a fullfledged writer/poet like Wordsworth.


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