Politically Correct

I sometimes derive great pleasure from political incidents/news even though I don’t like to think of myself as being politically minded. But I guess hardly anyone can survive today without being political. Whether you’re in school, private job, sports, non-profit or public service; you are where you are because you know how to be politically correct, else you would probably be a street dweller by now and wouldn’t be reading this post.

Anyhow, what triggered this post was the recent news that a senior Indian politician, namely Sharad Pawar was slapped by a citizen. The entire parliament session was devoted on politicians expressing their anger and condemning the act as undemocratic. I feel they are scared that the public anger might be on a rise and that they may vanquish under the siege. Well, all these years of repression has to go somewhere, and I won’t be surprised, if starts with a toll on a few of these corrupt politicians.

Why else would these politicians sound so scared, screaming and yelling about democracy, were they not scared for their deteriorating position in the society and the inevitable threat to their lives?

So, why now? I don’t remember seeing them scared when the parliament was attacked by terrorists, they weren’t scared when Hotel Taj was set ablaze by foreign elements, neither did any of them react,  when 500,000 Kashmiri Pandits were uprooted from their homeland.  Now it is different, because all that I mentioned above was all under the control of the Government, but this, the public anger and revolt, no government or even tyranny can contain or survive it, look at Egypt, Libya, Iran etc. from the recent history. India is at the brink of civil revolt. It may hit us when we least expect it. And like weasels, these politicians can see it coming already.

I am very happy and applaud the gentleman who has instilled some fear in the minds of these corrupt and uncouth politicians. At least there is something that has scared the proverbial shit out of them.

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