In search of Wit

In search of wit these lose their common sense,
And then turn critics in their own defence.

I am deeply inspired by Alexander Pope. His keen observation skills and a powerful sense of humour, employed in portraying society and its hypocrite nature opens our eyes to bigotry we practice socially. What is remarkable is that society of our times has not progressed substantially as compared to the society of his time (1688-1744), as one would expect. These lines specifically (from An Essay on Criticism) express to me the fact that people that can do stuff, do stuff. It is important to toil in the mud, to fail in one's attempts and to make mistakes, because these experiences ensure that we are moving closer to success.

And here is one of mine (inspired from one of Pope's) adapted to our times, pun intended, in the same verse as above:
To Err, is human; to forgive, bovine.

My name is Rishik. I am Software Architect/Developer with a penchant for being disruptive. I bring about or at least try to bring change wherever I am because I don't like conventions. I believe it is important to free up your mind to be able to think clearly and innovate. I am currently pursuing a few projects that include understanding why some Designs turn legendary while others just remain mere Designs, understand how audio manipulations may affect the perception of the listener, experimenting with Visualization framework perfuse and some of my ideas on Visualization patterns. I am also evaluating how speech may be used in interacting with Visualizations tools.

I live and work in California,US. My family constitutes of my wife, my daughter, my parents and a sister. I am a software engineer by profession and experimenter at heart. I have a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Computer Science.